An early Worcester coffee cup painted with the Kempthorne pattern style, circa 1768.


An early Worcester coffee cup painted with the “Kempthorne” pattern style, circa 1768.

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An early Worcester coffee cup painted in the “Kempthorne” pattern style with trailing oriental foliage of stylised flower sprays in underglaze blue, green, yellow and red.  The inside rim has borders with alternating blue and gold bands and half chrysanthemum flowers.  There is a red, blue and gold flower painted on the inside base of the cup.  The name of the pattern is associated with a Mr. Renatus Kempthorne. John Thorneloe (one of the original partners of the Worcester porcelain factory) had stayed with Mr. Kempthorne during a visit to Cornwall. To repay his host’s hospitality, Thorneloe had a tea service specially made and presented to Mr. Kempthorne. Circa 1768.  This cup is from the Stockspring collection.

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